What is TourSultan

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TOURSULTAN arises from the encounter between a local guide India and a group of Spaniards who in 2014 decided to make a semi-organized by the India trip. The professionalism of Sultan, the way to show his land and make us share in the best of it, we duped and made to work in a totally selfless and altruistic way with this initiative: supporting local guides, avoiding intermediaries, in the creation his own agency with the dual aim of participating in the local socio-economic development and to offer an alternative agency with which to visit India in a way close and familiar, at a good price and quality service.

India always brings out the best of those who visit, hence around, many people moved by the solidarity we want to correspond with this land and its people. We could have collaborated with a social, educational project, but decided to go for this initiative which promotes socio-economic development from the local level.

Our support is to have what we live and attest to the professionalism of guide. we endorse with our knowledge and experience we had with him, and between them there is no economic relationship but trust, friendship.